Insulation knives and saws

A well-known problem in the processing of glass wool and stone wool is the short term wear and
tear to the machinery, and the cutting knives in particular. These raw materials are very
demanding. Because of the rapid wear and tear, the knives need to be replaced regularly. This
entails high maintenance costs and regular interruptions in the production process.

Because of the continuous friction with the glass wool and stone wool, the principal disc is affectedquickly. This wear invariably results in a loss of

When using the old process to attach the cutting plates to the principal disc, the area directly underneath the plates is subject to wear and tear.
The wear causes the principal disc to erode.
Because of this erosion, the cutting plates come off and break off rapidly. 
Although the plates are still intact, they cannot be used any longer.

Disadvantages of the old system

  • Rapid wear to the body blade
  • Hardmetal teeth break off quickly
  • Production has to be halted regularly
  • Maintenance costs are considerable

… a new solution

The new procedure to attach the hardmetal teeth, developed by TASEF, offers the solution to
the problems of the old system. This solution has grown out of the contact with suppliers,
manufacturers and customers and is the result of year-long research.

The new attachment process

Thanks to a combination of the enlargement of the contact
surface by 2.5 times and a new way of attaching the hardmetal teeth, the wear to the body blade considerably decreases.
Experience and tests show that the body blade and the hardmetal teeth can be used a lot longer when using this new way of attaching.

This new technique is designed for the processing of insulation materials by circular knives for both high and low density-materials.
For high density-materials, milled circular knives are recommended whereas for low density-materials, it is better to use circular knives with a continuous edge. The new attachment process can be applied on knives of different diameters.

Advantages of the new system

  • Constant, long-term cutting quality
  • Body blade lasts much longer
  • Hardmetal teeth can be used for a longer period
  • Knives need to be replaced less often, so less production stops
  • Maintenance costs are lower

Wide range of insulation knives

TASEF offers a wide range of knives and saws special disigned for the cutting of stone wool, glass wool and mineral wool.
All our knives can be made in any diameter and sizes the customers wants up to diameter 1100mm. the knives and saws all have hardmetal teeth and a hardned body blade. TASEF can make all types of knives with or without banana cooling slots.

Cutting insulation products is very difficult and requires the bests knives and saws. Tasef offers high quality knives and saws and is always looking for improvements. We are constantly trying to make oure knives last longer and to make as little as dust as possible.

Optional our knives and saws can be treated with Wolframcarbide on the body blade to make the knives and saws last longer
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Circular knife type 1A

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Circular knife Type 1H

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Circular knife Type 1G

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Circular knife Type 2B

Circular saw Type 1C

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Circular saw Type 1D

Circular knife Type 1F

Circular knife Type 1FF 2CUT

Circular knife Type 1FF 3 CUT

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